środa, 18 lutego 2015

Green Collection

I've realized, that my collection of green shawls & scarves is hmmmm...... big ;) Some of you can say "what do you do with all these scarves?"  - I wear them everyday :D every day I "aerate" one of  them, everyday I look different, though my coats are the same.
Let mi introduce you my greens:

The biggest ones
 (from left to right) Caravan-30, Fairytale-18, Madonna-30, Lilac is blooming-10, no name vintage shawl.

And some smallest shawls and scarves:
Black Eyes-30, Gentle Evening-10, Birjusinka-9, Serenade-21, Saffron-32, Mermaid-59, Crimson Bells-60

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